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Farmer and business person shaking hands with a tractor in the background



At Farm & Country, farm insurance is our only focus. We understand that both price and the right coverage are important. That’s why we work hard to find the right company that offers the best protection for your individual needs, at premiums that fit within your budget. We are an independent insurance agency representing many companies – each with their own market niche. This gives us the flexibility to select the best choice for your farm insurance, as well as the ability to move you to another company if we need to for whatever reason. This is something that is not possible when you sign up under one single major insurance company.


Give us a call at (585) 624-2474 to realize the difference in savings and personal service that you can come to expect from Farm & Country Insurance.

Photo of employees at Farm & Country Insurance

Experienced, Dedicated

The same care and attention it takes to grow crisp apples or produce milk from healthy cows is how our team approaches cultivating and nurturing the relationships we have with our clients. With a combined total of farm insurance experience adding up to well over 100 years, you can trust that when you need the right protection to set your mind at ease, that your investment is safe with us.

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